A little about me…

✔ Certified Master Practitioner of NLP
✔ Certified Master Practitioner of Timeline Therapy™
✔ Certified Master Hypnotherapist
✔ Intuitive Tarot Card Reader

Before moving into my calling of helping trans people reach their potential, I had a 4 year career in corporate HR, and I also spent 2 years as a volunteer Suicide Crisis Supporter with Lifeline Australia. I lived in “stealth” for a number of years before realising I couldn’t help my community as much as I want to from the shadows.

I’ve now come out of the shadows, and decided to make helping trans people my business. My mission. It’s always been my mission to help people, but now I’m clearer than ever, and it’s time to do it full time!

My story…

My name is Jasmine Vine  

A name which I picked for myself when I was becoming the wonderful transgender person I am today. 🌸  

The first time I remember feeling suicidal, I was 7 years old. My home life was filled with violence, my parents often chose drugs over food, and I was already a social outcast, being called a “faggot” in kindergarten. None of my family members had jobs, and they taught me how to get the most out of government systems, and to steal. 😤 

When I turned 14, which I never thought I would, I started documenting my transition on YouTube, and this was actually quite popular. I often received feedback saying I have helped people find their courage, come out, and feel confident in themselves. Throughout my darkest times, this kept me alive. ⭐

I’ve always had a deep desire to help people, and knowing I could do that, got me through times I didn’t think I would get through. In saying this, somewhere down the line, I lost sight of my true purpose/calling. 🙁 

It’s not possible to shorten my story enough to fit this small space, so I’ll zoom over a couple things: 

  • I was addicted to marijuana. 😕
  • I was diagnosed with Depression, Bipolar, Generalised Anxiety, Panic Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and god knows what else… 😵 
  • I hit my lowest low, spending some time in a psychiatric facility medicated out of my mind. 😥  

Basically, my brain became my worst enemy. My mind was a warzone, and I was enemy number one. 🎯 

Many years of psychology and change work later, reading, psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors, working on myself and most recently investing in coaching and change work, and now, I am a strong and confident Trans Boss! I have reconnected with my values and my purpose! 😮 

I’m dedicated to changing as many lives as I can along my journey. I don’t want other people to go through what I did, without support! I want you to put on your cape 🦸‍♀️, pick up your crown 👑, and step into your authentic self! I never thought I could become the person I have created today, but I did, and I am! 🥰

My purpose now, is to help transgender people experience epic healing from the adversities we face, and unconditional love for their authentic selves! 🌸

I am a Gender Affirmation Coach, here to help you live your life by design. I’m passionate about helping you let go of the hurt and negative emotions holding you back, find what lights you up inside, and thrive in your amazing, authentic self! ❤

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